Sex with Duraflame

Okay so using sexual innuendo (and explicit sex for that matter) is one of the most critiqued, yet one of most popular advertising methods, right? I was on and chanced upon this ridiculous interactive ad for something called Stax. Keep in mind throughout this post that I really have no clue what this is an ad for until I click through all the slides and look it up on google.

The ad appears as such upon first view:

First of all, the meter on the right looks like a penis on fire. Second of all, it’s two people making out on the couch with caption saying ‘take a look at the log, if you get to it.’ This isn’t terribly explicit yet. But click the plus button (ostensibly to make it “hotter”) and this is what happens:

This is where I think “Stax” is either an aphrodisiac, an Extenze-like product, or a condom. The dick on the left gets bigger, and the caption on top gets “randier.” ‘Tall robust flames in less than five minutes’ sounds like a slogan for boner pills. Dare to press on, and this happens:

Keep in mind, it’s not entirely clear what this product is. It’s firewood, yes–but what kind of firewood? The erection on the left has reached critical mass. ‘Charred appearance and crackling sounds as a treat for all senses’ is weird.

If you choose to zoom out from the original screen, you’ll get this:

It’s an interactive ad, so it zooms out slowly to this shot not unlike a creepy person would slowly zoom his camcorder out while recording shady doings. But this is a shot of birds getting it on (of course) and Stax reminds us that they’re product is eco-friendly, so the birds can watch/participate in avian voyeurism/erotica in clean air. Zoom out once more:

Astronauts. With the penis on the left at all time low, this shot shows two astronauts inconceivably conceiving (how did they do it with zero gravity/no air PLUS what would NASA/Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 think of this?)

IT’S FIREWOOD. This was more weird than anything, I think. Stax Firewood = Sex, apparently. Eco-friendly, zero-gravity, cross-species voyeuristic sex.


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